About us

About us

Xinjiang Xinrong Yilong Andalusite Co.,Ltd

Xinjiang Xinrong Yilong Andalusite Co.,Ltd. is an integrated enterprise which takes the exploitation, sale and processing of andalusite. Our factory and mining are located in beautiful Huola mountain of Yanqi county, about 100 km away from the urban area.

The company formerly known as Imerys Yilong Andalusite (Xinjiang) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and joined Wanxiang Group in 2006. Under the strong support and guidance of Bazhou government, in May 2007, Chinese Wanxiang Group was formally joint venture with the French Imerys group. The shares of French Imerys group accounted for 65%, and Chinese Wanxiang holding limited company accounted for 35% of its shares.

In January 2011, French Imerys group acquired 100% of its shares. Imerys Yilong Andalusite (Xinjiang) Co.,Ltd. became a wholly owned French company. The registered capital of the company is 290 million CNY.

In March 2018, the company becomes domestic owned company from French sole proprietorship by puchasing and transferring. The name of company was changed to Xinjiang Xinrong Yilong Andalusite Co., Ltd. 

Investment amount, Production capacity and staff number of Yilong company

Investment amount: 580 million CNY.

Production capacity: 40000 tons per year 

Staff number: 120 people

At present, the  verified reserves of andalusite ore is about 624 million tons  in the world.

The reserves of Andalusite in China is about 361 million tons, and the andalusite reserves of Halan mountain  is about 213 million tons. It is the largest and rarest super-large deposit in China. It is now the first-largest andalusite ore  discovered in the world.

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